Empowering Youth through Emotional Intelligence

Young people today face unprecedented challenges, from academic pressures to social media-driven anxiety, to political and economic uncertainties. That’s why “Monument to my Moment” an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, led by Tantaterra, and co-financed by the European Commission, focused on promoting emotional resilience among young people from five European countries. This project was born as a direct action in response to several studies regarding the emotional aftermath of the harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, that called for immediate action in the field of youth, to deal with the uncurling negative effects among the youngest. The project’s results were impressive, as participants acquired a complete emotional vocabulary and learned how to identify and express their emotions accurately, and they identified their true, individual strength, their “personal ability of emotional resilience” that made them overcome the hardest parts of the lockdowns on the first place. The goal of rising awareness about te importance of mental health and the possibilities of therapeutic outcomes and results of working with clay were achieved.

The general mood around the rural hostal was amazing. Photo: Jesus Green

Getting in touch with clay. Photo: Nimrod L. B.

Through the project, participants were introduced to ceramic modeling techniques and gained a wealth of theoretical-practical knowledge – some beyond the actually planned curricula, –  which enabled them to better comprehend the therapeutic benefits of working with clay. Additionally, they have come to realize the crucial importance of creative activities that promote the development of fine psychomotor skills, focus, and concentration.


The project has also promoted the recognition of the importance and fundamental role of the European community in the daily lives of young people. Participants have had the opportunity to understand the significance of the Erasmus+ program, as their key competencies, which has enabled them to develop greater awareness of their possibilities in our society.


In summary, this project has been an exciting and transformative experience for the young participants, who have acquired valuable emotional and artistic skills and developed a greater awareness of their role in European society. The project has been a great success thanks to the collaboration of several European organizations and the dedication of the young participants and their absolutely amazing team leaders.